convergence of performance and technology

On Point Audio offers a wide range of powered and passive full-range systems, subwoofers, and floor monitors with truly professional performance and features. A complete range of accessories makes On Point Audio speakers easy to install.

Since loudspeaker systems are often only as good as its components, On Point Audio designs and builds its own transducers to deliver a level of performance that is typically unattainable with generic, off-the-shelf drivers.  On Point Audio models are built to tight tolerances, and ensure consistency of performance with maximum reliability.
Several On Point Audio models use our innovative Narrow-Profile woofer design.  These woofers feature “rolling” suspensions and semi-rectangular frames that extend to the edge of the enclosure.  This enables Narrow-Profile enclosures to be significantly smaller than cabinets from other brands offering the same sized woofers, thus enabling them to be installed in tighter spaces.  

To ensure equally impressive mids and highs, On Point Audio developed new pure titanium compression drivers. These drivers deliver a perfect combination of superb high-frequency response, superior vocal intelligibility, excellent transient response, as well as power handling to ensure that sound is delivered with stunning accuracy.  Because the surface area of our compression drivers is larger than widely used small-diaphragm drivers in competitive models, they can withstand the abuse that so often occurs in live sound.  This ensures superior long-term reliability.

For ultimate peace-of-mind, all On Point Audio systems feature heavily reinforced suspension points that provide a > 8:1 safety factor.  Although a >8:1 safety factor far exceeds the industry standard. On Point Audio’s powered systems also utilize precision matched premium transducers, but are complemented with efficient Class-D amplifiers and precisely tuned digital signal processing.  Many powered systems in the pro audio market use amplifiers with extensive processing that serve to cover up acoustic shortcomings.  On Point Audio engineering learned years ago that acoustic and response problems can’t be fixed with DSP – only covered up.  To ensure maximum output and sound quality, On Point Audio systems use very little equalization.

On Point Audio’s assortment of powered and passive full-range and subwoofer systems provide you with the tools to install or deliver high-performance sound systems for live performances, music playback, and voice reinforcement systems, without limitations.